Primatte Explorer RT/HD Features

Real-time compositing gives producers the ability to film and see the composited scene live. The result? Guesswork gone and costs slashed! For television producers you now have the flexibility to create a set that is pleasing to the audience as well as to the camera. Since Primatte Explorer can produce a matte from any saturated color background, you are no longer restricted to the traditional requirements of red, green or blue.

Intuitive, user-friendly controls offer quick and precise operation with a minimal learning curve.
Primatte Explorer RT/HD allows the creative freedom to produce a matte on any saturated color background.
No need to repaint backdrops—works with chroma matte or Ultimatte® blue painted backgrounds.
Color-correction allows quick and independent adjustment of foreground and background signals, and composited matte. Allows users to create the necessary color balance by manipulating hue, saturation, luminance gain, and black level.
Internal MSIC processing is an astounding 16 bits per channel—R,G,B and A.
High-definition system accepts two SMPTE292M HD inputs, foreground and background signals, and provides two SMPTE292M HD outputs, foreground, background, matte, processed foreground, or the composite.
Available in a standard two unit high, 19-inch rack mount enclosure.