Video Explorer 2 Video Card

Video Explorer 2 is a high quality digital video engine which works with a variety of applications to support functions such as special effects generation, frame capture, character generation, image editing, animation, multimedia, and 2D or 3D modeling and rendering. The Video Explorer 2 is easily integrated into professional-level video systems to produce broadcast quality video. The video Exploer 2 is the ideal video card for graphics professionals who demand the highest video quality for their creations. It is also an ideal candidate for system designers looking for high quality I/O.

The Video Explorer 2 can perform a wide variety of video effects such as blends, fades, wipes, and dissolves in real time. The Video Explorer 2 can digitally combine live video sources, computer graphics, and computer animation in real time. For increased functionality, use the MediaBahnTM Intercard interface to connect multiple Video Explorer 2's or to connect Video Explorer 2 to third party cards with MediaBahn interfaces.


Instruction Manual
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