Device Description

The IPM16 is a new systolic array processing architecture designed to be configurable to operate in real-time on video at an arithmetic level.


  • Real-time systolic operation
    • up to 240 MSamples/sec
  • Internal 16 bit per component precision
  • Variable pixel clock up to 80 MHz
  • Preserves ancillary data
  • Arithmetic level reconfigurable computing
    • add, subtract, multiply, compare, min, max, abs
    • combine mathematical operations into complex algorithms
  • Allows for rapid product prototyping/production
  • Supported scan rates:
    • Interlace (PAL, NTSC)
    • Progressive
    • HDTV (Production/ATSC)
    • Film (up to 1920x1556)
  • Formats:
    • Component (RGB, YIQ, YUV, Ycc, Y/C)
    • Composite
    • Key, Matte, Alpha support
  • Pixel Aspect Ratio
    • Variable (including ITU-601 and square pixel)
  • Cascadable for increased processing power
  • Image statistics support:
    • mean, minimum, maximum, variance, std. deviation
  • Automatic delay compensation for internal processing
  • Genlock for synchronizing to input or reference signals
Real-Time Applications
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